Saturday, November 9, 2013

Bikini photos of multi talented actress, Chandi Perera

Chandi Perera is an all rounder who performs in various sectors in media. How ever, Chandi Perera is mostly known as a professional actress in Sinhala Cinema. “Sweet angle” movie is the latest film performed by this multi talented super actress, Chandi Perera. Chandi Perera is not only a cinema actress but also a teledrama actress, talented model and a TV presenter. “Dewana Warama”, “Parampara”, “Pamavi aa vasantaya” and Tramp are some of the teledramas which were performed by Chandi Perera. Chandi Perera is also a popular TV presenter and Chandi Perera has presented several TV shows in India and Australia. Chandi Perera is also contributed to several advertisements and music videos. I forgot to mention the most important thing, but these hot and sexy photo collection tells you that Chandi Perera is also involved in fashion modeling.

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