Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ameesha Kavindi hot blue new

Ameesha Kavindi is a hot and sexy Sri lankan actress who is well known by the performance of the sinhala movie “Sudu Hansi”. Ameesha Kavindi is mostly engaged in low budget movie industry in sri lanka. Ameesha Kavindi has performed in several sinhala movies such as “Sudu Hansi”,“Double Game” and “Sri Last Chance”. Ameesha Kavindi is not only a film actress but also a teledrama actress who performed in several sinhala teledramas such as Nilanjana, Kavya and Senehasa kothanada. These sexy photos of hot actress Ameesha Kavindi show how skillful she is. Ameesha Kavindi is gifted with a good looking sexy figure and we need not to say how Ameesha Kavindi can attract us with it. 

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