Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hot & Sexy New Photo Shoot of Aruni Rajapaksha

Biography of Aruni Rajapaksha  
Age - 24
Height - 5'7"
Hair Color - Black

Eye Color
- Brown

Stunning beauty Aruni Rajapaksha who has stolen thousands of people's hearts is just like a pearl in this little island Sri Lanka. She is one of the Sri Lankan girls who have been gifted the sheer elegance by the great goad. Explanations are useless as Aruni Rajapaksha's half nude photos that I'm about to post are definite evidence of her authentic beauty.

Aruni Rajapaksha who has been working as a full time fashion model in Sri Lanka achieved a great success in Miss Sri Lanka pageant and participated in the Miss Sri Lanka for Miss Universe pageant.

Explaining about her future goals Aruni said that she hopes to enter the international fashion trade. So with that hope she intends to follow a hair and make up design course shortly. As we were informed Aruni likes also Traditional Kandyan dancing.

This is how Aruni Rajapaksha posed her half naked body in Miss Universe pageant appareling a hot orange Bikini (Swimming Suit).

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